White House takes new steps to study AI risks, determine impact on workers

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The White House is taking fresh action to research the potential risks of artificial intelligence and to consider how AI might affect workers

On the heels of a meeting between President Joe Biden and chief executives from top companies specializing in artificial intelligence (AI), the White House will host a listening session with workers to gain insight on their experience with employers exploiting automated technology for surveillance, monitoring and evaluation.

Called upon to participate in the session are gig work experts, researchers and policymakers.

Over the years, millions of users have employed AI apps and tools, purported to make medical diagnoses, script screenplays, draft legal briefs and debug software, causing widespread worry over potential privacy breaches, unjustified employment decisions, fraudulent activities and misinformation campaigns.

Following the evaluation of the technology, the White House will reveal new steps, including a revised roadmap for federal investments in AI research, an invitation for public feedback on AI risks and a new report from the Department of Education analyzing AI’s impacts on teaching, learning and research.

Biden himself has explored the technology and utilizes it, according to the White House.

The Republican National Committee recently released a video predicting a dismal future in a second Biden term which was created wholly through AI imagery, demonstrating the increasing frequency of utilizing AI in political ads.

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