The AI revolution: Google’s developers on the future of artificial intelligence | 60 Minutes

Intense competition among technology powerhouses is pushing society forward into the realm of artificial intelligence, whether it is prepared or not. CBS journalist Scott Pelley explores the realm of AI alongside CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai.

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Intense competition between big-name technology companies, such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple, is driving society ever closer to the reality of artificial intelligence. CBS journalist Scott Pelley has been investigating this rapidly growing field, and has sat down with Google CEO Sundar Pichai to explore how AI is impacting our lives today and what the future may hold. The advent of AI has caused issues for some areas of society, ranging from economic to ethical concerns, but the general trajectory appears to be one of tremendous growth as technology powerhouses continue to push the boundaries of what is possible. Whether the world is prepared or not, AI is quickly becoming the way of the future.



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