Twitter increases character count to 25,000

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Today, Twitter announced that the character limit for Tweets is increasing to 25,000 characters.

We’re an awfully long way from the original 140-character limit, spawned from the service’s sms beginnings.

Twitter Write posted about the announcement, explaining that Twitter Blue Subscribers can now post longer-form content and include 4 inline images.

Like many active Twitter users, the whole also runs a blog (for long-form content), this is removing one of the technical reasons we don’t just post content directly to Twitter. It is unclear though how users on the web post in-line images, through my testing, it still attaches images (up to 4) in the same way, not in between paragraphs, which is critical to having a more blog-like experience on the platform.

There is a long way to go before Twitter or X, realistically threatens WordPress, Squarespace and other blogging platforms, but if Twitter can provide better revenue opportunities, that may get the eye of many content creators.

Two new features for writers: you can now post up to 25,000 characters and add up to 4 inline images. Subscribe to access these new features:

— Twitter Write (@TwitterWrite) June 29, 2023

  • 2006: Twitter is launched with a character limit of 140 characters.
  • 2015: Twitter increases the character limit for direct messages to 10,000 characters.
  • 2017: Twitter begins testing a 280-character limit for tweets in a few countries.
  • November 7, 2017: Twitter officially rolls out the 280-character limit to all users.

It was only back in April when Twitter increased the character count to 10,000 and now just 2 months later we see another, quite dramatic growth in that number.

As a Twitter user, you will see the first 280 chars of the initial tweet, but need to click to read the rest of the post.
We’re making improvements to the writing and reading experience on Twitter! Starting today, Twitter now supports Tweets up to 10,000 characters in length, with bold and italic text formatting.Sign up for Twitter Blue to access these new features, and apply to enable…

— Twitter Write (@TwitterWrite) April 14, 2023
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