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Although many people may not be aware of it, Artificial Intelligence-powered chatbots are simply incapable of making sense of human language in the same way that a human can.

This is due to the fact that AI lacks the nuanced understanding and ability to interpret context in conversations that a human has.

Even if you mumble something with messed up syntax, someone would still get it after thinking for a bit.

AI’s however are trained to understand language based on strict rules and definitions, so when you don’t stick to them, it won’t fully get what you mean.

To make the most of ChatGPT, you gotta think like an AI and structure your inputs in a specific order.
App Of The Day on YouTube figured this out and found a way to get ChatGPT to give concise answers to questions.

The perfect formula

ChatGPT AIs see the world in terms of formulas and data sets, so everything needs to fit into neat packages for it to understand what you’re saying in the right order.

Don’t forget about subject-predicate sentence structure when creating the ideal input either!

App of the Day recommends four distinct elements: context, specifics, intent/goal, and response format.
For context, state why you’re looking for info; e.g. “I’m a parent looking for streaming services for my kid.”

That gives ChatGPT an idea of what you need so it can answer relevantly.

Say exactly what you want and why. What streaming services are you looking for that have kid-friendly content?

Ask, “What are the most popular streaming services for child-safe content?”
When it comes to the format, tell ’em how you want the info presented. In this case, say “Write it as a bulleted list.”

That’ll keep ChatGPT from giving too much or irrelevant info.

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