The Trade Desk has introduced Kokai, a powerful new AI-powered media-buying platform

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The Trade Desk, a top global company in advertising technology, revealed their new program Kokai today. It makes use of powerful distributed artificial intelligence, measurements, integrations, and a responsive user interface, providing marketers with the ability to take advantage of the strengths of programmatic advertising.

Kokai has made a big breakthrough in applying AI to programmatic media buying. With the capacity to consider more than 13 million potential ad placements in a span of just a few seconds, the AI innovations by Kokai assists marketers in navigating the complexity of programmatic media buying. It gives them the opportunity to acquire the right ad impressions at the perfect cost in order to reach their desired target audience at an ideal time.

Building on The Trade Desks 2018 project, Koa, Kokai has made it possible to use Artificial Intelligence for different aspects of media buying on the same platform. These aspects include using AI for predictive clearing for traders, as well as scoring ads to measure relevance, enhancing measurement and forecasting, increasing data integrity in the absence of identifiable data points, budget optimization and KPI scoring.

The Trade Desk is advantaged by a sophisticated and expansive set of data with tremendous accuracy. Utilizing Koa, we are able to use Artificial Intelligence to help our customers simplify this information, afterwards, allowing marketers to make sound decisions, mentioned Jeff Green, Founder and CEO of The Trade Desk. Furthering on our achievement with Koa, we are infusing AI throughout our platform, so that it can become a reliance to the current day marketer.


Pioneering Retailers Offer Unconstrained Measurements in the Field of Retail Efficiency

Kokai will be introducing advanced methods of digital advertisement analytical tools.

As more advertisers understand the potential of connected TV (CTV) and other retail advertising chances, there is greater demand to develop techniques of assessing performance in these significant channels. With Kokai, The Trade Desk shall unveil distinct retail analysis information from influential retailers like Albertsons Media Collective, Walgreens Advertising Group, and others, when audience data is implemented.

The retail sales index is a fresh criteria for tracking both online and offline commercial sales in comparison to the retail advertisement investments in one space. The TV Quality index quantifies the quality of the advertisement experience that the viewership is having on all streaming sites and streaming content, to make sure that each campaign designs the most pertinent content for any individual individual group.

The Quality Reach Index helps marketers enlarge their consistent client base by precisely targeting the most suitable customer profiles.


Partner Portal for Simple, Seamless Integrations

Kokai is debuting the Partner Portal in order to keep up with the quick advancements in advertising technology. Using this Portal, thousands of partners can utilize the Trade Desk using simple standard adapters.

Advertisers will benefit from this Portal, as they will have access to an array of credible partners and services.

The Partner Portal will initially include OpenPath, Unified ID 2.0, retail onboarding, measurement, third-party audience data, and contextual targeting. In the two quarters of its alpha phase, it has aided over 400 partners to integrate easily.


The Programmatic Table

To provide a revolutionary user experience, Kokai is introducing The Programmatic Table which can be navigated easily by users from power traders to CMOs. It displays all the information related to the campaign and data to make data-driven decisions with help from artificial intelligence. This table is currently available for select users and will be released for everyone else later this summer. Jeff Green, Founder and CEO of The Trade Desk, emphasized that their groundbreaking initiatives in advanced measurement, joint inventions and modern UX will assist in making The Trade Desk a leader in programmatic innovation for the benefit of marketers. A launch event happening in New York City today will introduce Kokai which is presented by Green, Kristi Argyilan, Marcy Greenberger and Diego Vaccarezza. It is accessible online via a livestream.

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