Stability AI releases an open source text-to-animation tool

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From anime to childhood classics, animations have brought stories to life by combining still images. But now, with just a text prompt, you can generate your own animations using AI.

On Thursday, Stability AI unveiled their text-to-animation tool Stable Animation SDK which developers and artists can use to generate video from three different inputs: text alone, text and an initial image, or text and an input video.


Some people have already taken to Twitter to share their creations. But unlike DALL-E or Bing Image Creator, you can’t access this model just by visiting a website – it requires more advanced technical skills to install and run the UI (including coding).

The cost of an operation is based on a credit system and varies depending on the video dimensions and 3D render mode – ranging from 0.058 to 0.174 credits per operation.

To get full details on how to use Stable Animation SDK and the cost involved, head over to Stability

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