Play Google’s I/O FLIP card game showcasing generative AI

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After announcing all of its new APIs and tools tomorrow, Google has to convince developers to use its generative offerings and demos, like I/O FLIP, are one way to do that.

I/O FLIP is an “AI-designed take on a classic card game, powered by Google, and created to inspire developers to experiment with what is possible with Google’s new generative AI technologies.” The game mechanics feature elemental power (air, water, fire, metal, earth) and 10-100 card strength. Each match in I/O FLIP is a best-of-3. Players:

  1. Select a character class and a power to generate a pack of 12 cards
  2. Select three cards from the pack to create their team
  3. Join a match and win a best-of-3
  4. Win multiple matches in a row to create a streak of wins for a chance to make the leaderboard
  5. Share their deck with players from all over the globe

Behind-the-scenes, there are:

  • Thousands of custom characters (Dash, Sparky, Dino, and Android) images pre-generated using DreamBooth on Muse
  • Card descriptions written by the PaLM API
  • UI and backend in Flutter (Casual Games Toolkit) and Dart (records)
  • Hosting and sharing with Firebase
  • Cloud Run to help scale

Images were pre-generated using two technologies pioneered out of Google Research: Muse, a text-to-image AI model from the Imagen family of models, and DreamBooth, a technique running on top of Muse that allows you to personalize text-to-image models to generate novel images of a specific subject using a small set of your own images for training.

Google has open-sourced the code for I/O FLIP here.

Google I/O Flip



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