Once again, Apple is the only company smart enough to take it slow

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You may have heard that Apple is behind. Again.

What this time, you ask? A fair question. Turns out it’s artificial intelligence. You see, Microsoft has a product. Google has a product. Heck, Dunkin’ Donuts probably has an AI.

Where? Is? Apple’s?

All of the caterwaulings about Apple and AI is, of course, 100 pounds (that’s 45.5 kilograms for our U.K. readers) of hot, liquid nonsense in a container only rated for 50 pounds/22.7 kilograms of hot, liquid nonsense. Please, people, only use containers rated for the amount of hot, liquid nonsense you expect to hold.

But the thing is, Apple practically invented AI! All you have to do is ask Tim Cook. (By the way, would you like to interview Cook on the subject? Because he’s making the rounds and is available.)

Speaking to Reuters about the company’s second calendar quarter results, Cook called out Apple’s increased R&D spending. Did you know it happens to be because of AI? Well, it does.

We’ve been doing research across a wide range of AI technologies, including generative AI, for years. We’re going to continue investing and innovating and responsibly advancing our products with these technologies to help enrich people’s lives.

Obviously, we’re investing a lot, and it is showing up in the R&D spending that you’re looking at.

These numbers don’t lie. I mean, you can’t see inside the numbers, but trust Cook when he says the reason they’re so big is because Apple is making such huge strides in AI. Very obvious. Don’t know why you’re being so obtuse about it.

Need more proof? Well, speaking to CNBC, Cook said… uh, pretty much the same thing in different words.

“We view AI and ML as fundamental core technologies. And they are virtually embedded in every product that we build,” Cook said.

“On a research basis, we’ve been doing research on AI and machine learning, including generative AI, for years,” he added.

At this point experts estimate Cook is at least 75 percent stock footage of a man turning to the camera, smiling and saying “AI.” by volume.

It’s clear the company does not want to be perceived as being behind the curve on AI. Or anything, really. But this is a thorny problem in many regards and, as Zoom found out the hard way this week, consent is one of them.

After a change to its terms of service made reference to using user data for AI, the company suddenly had a PR dumpster fire to put out.

Of course not! Perish the thought!

You know, we’re just gonna sorta… um… use… [heavy swallow]… your content to, uh, train our AI.

Some of this is necessary to enable features that are opt-in, such as using AI to generate summaries of meetings people might have missed. That could be a useful tool. If the Macalope was really “missing” the meetings. (Spoiler alert: he was not “missing” them, Zoom.) But it’s worth noting that Zoom considers the person that must consent to have the content used the meeting host, not necessarily the participants. So the next time you hear “RECORDING IN PROGRESS”, congratulations! You may be a lucky cog in the giant wheel of AI, grinding us all to an uncertain future!

While these uses seem intended to be customer-specific, the Macalope also wonders what happens when it all goes into the giant AI blender. It’s not like anyone’s ever tricked an AI into doing something it wasn’t supposed to before! Haha!

Apple seems concerned about letting everyone know it, too, is “doing AI” but the Macalope is all for a slower approach to a technology that exacerbates bias, routinely gives out wrong answers, has huge security concerns, and uses other peoples’ work as fodder for its business model.


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