Mosyle is utilizing AI to craft scripts for managing Apple devices

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Mosyle AI

In 2023, AI-enabled updates have become a prominent trend. Mosyle is bringing this trend to the Apple device management scene with Mosyle AIScript.

The innovative tool is the first of its kind, as it employs generative AI to convert natural language into ready-to-use scripts for Mac fleets.

Alcyr Araujo, founder and CEO of Mosyle, expressed that their company strives to provide more features, products and enhancements than any other competitor in the market.

He further stated that the release of Mosyle AIScript signifies a new era of macOS scripting, as it holds unparalleled intelligence, automation and accessibility.

With this new program, Mosyle aspires to make it easier for IT teams to use scripts on macOS.

Mosyle AIScript

With Mosyle AIScript, a generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, macOS scripting can now be automated. This solution allows IT administrators to express their requests in natural language and instantly receive functional scripts for thousands of tasks, such as assessing battery status or deleting SSIDs, and more.

Mosyle Script Catalog

Are tedious IT tasks slowing down your workflow? Look no further than Mosyle’s new Script Catalog.

It’s an “App Store” that provides easy deployment of scripts pre-packaged by Mosyle’s development team.

Even Mac admins without scripting backgrounds will be able to benefit from the tens of thousands of scripts available to them.

IT teams can even take advantage of new features such as Favorite Scripts Beta; enabling them to share scripts among their same account.

Mosyle AIScript, Mosyle Script Catalog, & the aforementioned Favorite Scripts Beta are now accessible to all Mosyle Fuse and Mosyle OneK12 users.

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