Microsoft’s AI Copilot set to join OneNote

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The AI will help rewrite, summerize and format notes for users.

Microsoft has announced plans to add the new Microsoft 365 Copilot AI assistant to its OneNote software.

The company initially publicized its plans to implement Copilot for other apps such as Word, Excel, Teams and PowerPoint in March 2022. Now, OneNote is expected to join the lineup and show off what the AI-powered assistant is capable of.

“As your notetaking partner, Copilot uses your prompts to draft plans, generate ideas, create lists, organize information, and more,” said Greg Mace, a product manager for OneNote.

Users can also ask the AI to create event plans and generate talking points for upcoming meetings. Sounds pretty good right?

currently playing around with Microsoft’s AI Copilot for Word, thanks to @XenoPanther. It’s only supposed to be available in “private preview” for “select Microsoft 365 enterprise customers,” but a few registry keys here and there and you can get the basics working 👀

— Tom Warren (@tomwarren) March 28, 2023

Microsoft hasn’t shown Copilot in practice within OneNote yet. If it operates similarly to how it does in Word, users will be able to highlight paragraphs and Copilot will offer up rewritten text automatically.

The tech giant has not revealed an official date for Copilots launch in OneNote, however, a small number of Microsoft 365 customers are currently testing preview versions in apps like Outlook and Word.

For now, Microsoft users will have to wait for the company to iron out all of the wrinkles before the official launch.




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