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Greek police use AI to identify illegal construction

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The investigation will focus on 12 well-known tourist sites

The investigation will focus on 12 well-known tourist sites

A team of environmental inspectors and financial police, backed by a public prosecutor, has begun auditing sites on the popular tourist island following a ‘proliferation of complaints’ and reports of arbitrary and illegal construction activity, the Greek newspaper Kathimerini reported on Tuesday 4th April.

The inspections are understood to focus on 12 well-known hotels, bars and restaurants, all of which are in off-plan coastal areas of the island.

Environment minister Kostas Skrekas said that an AI system was being used to compare aerial photographs from 2011 with current images in order to identify recent developments.

In an interview on Sunday 2nd April, Skrekas said that the situation on Mykonos has got out of hand. “So we undertook a series of actions using technology and artificial intelligence. The aim is to systematically check all illegal construction on the island.

“Anything that has come up since 2011 will be sanctioned,” he added.





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