Google Worried About Samsung and Apple’s Growing Interest In Bing

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Google Worried About Samsung & Apple’s Growing Interest In Bing

Ever since Microsoft announced that they are joining hands with Open AI to give their search engines an AI makeover, Google has been trying to catch up to them by constantly adding new AI features.

Now that Apple and Samsung might be contemplating partnering with Microsoft to bring in a new default search engine for tier mobile devices, Google is growing even more impatient.

Despite all the stiff competition it’s facing, Samsung is still the biggest mobile phone manufacturer in the world.

So much so that Google has launched a new project under the name Magi. It will focus on building a new search engine with the best AI technologies infused in it alongside adding some powerful AI tools to their existing browsers as well.

The upcoming Samsung contract for a search engine for their next project is estimated to be $3 billion. While Samsung usually pairs with Google for their default search engine, the latest developments have given them second thoughts. According to The New York Times, Samsung might be slightly leaning towards Microsoft this time.

What’s even worse for Google is that another similar search engine contract by Apple, which is approximately worth $20 billion, is also expected to go to Microsoft.

We’ve been bringing AI to Google Search for years to not only dramatically improve the quality of our results, but also introduce entirely new ways to search, such as Lens and multi-searchGoogle spokesperson

He further added that not every idea would lead to a product launch, but they are very excited to incorporate more and more AI features into their search engine.

Why The Sudden Change In Preference?

There’s no doubt that this sudden change in demand is happening only because Microsoft partnered with OpenAI and promised to bring ChatGPT-like features to their search engines— Bing and Edge.

These features are expected to change the search engine industry forever. Until now, users had to type in their search query into the browser and choose from the list of blogs and websites on the result page.

However, with the introduction of an AI-powered search engine, it is believed that users will be allowed to ask complex, open-ended questions with follow-ups and get personalized results.

Although these new additions have exponentially increased the industry’s interest in these search engines, it’s still lagging behind Google in terms of numbers.

The latest March 2023 report by Starcounter shows that Google still claims over 93% of global searches, whereas Bing is struggling at under 3%.

Although Bing has greatly improved over the last few months, it still doesn’t seem ready to take over Google. In fact, tech reviews on the newly updated platform all claim the same thing— it needs to do a lot of work. The AI chatbot often glitches, provides wrong results, and gets easily overwhelmed when asked too many questions.

So it looks like although Microsoft might be a tough competitor in the near future, Google has no immediate reason to worry.




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