Artificial Intelligence: The Big Picture of AI

Learn about artificial intelligence and how it will impact you, your career, and our future. This course will teach you about the tools, technology, and trends driving the modern AI revolution.

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What you’ll learn

In this course, Artificial Intelligence: The Big Picture of AI, you will have a comprehensive understanding of AI, its importance, and the influence it has on yourself, your career, and what the likely future is.

You will start by exploring up-to-date AI technologies, such as machine learning, deep learning, and reinforcement learning, already being employed.

Afterwards, you will look into creating AI solutions and grasping their operations.

Finally, you will grasp the magnitude of AI and the consequences it can bring to the IT industry, the labor scene, and the public as a whole.

After completing this course, you will realize the power and feasibility of artificial intelligence and the advancements being made with it.



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