Artificial Intelligence Essentials: AI-based Chatbots

By exploring different AI-based chatbot samples, we can learn how AI-based chatbots can be applied in current products.

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What you’ll learn

Have you ever come across chatbots while browsing online?

You may have noticed that some are more sophisticated than others.

It’s likely that a few of these advanced chatbots were AI-based.

In this training, “Artificial Intelligence Essentials: AI-based Chatbots”, you will learn how to appraise AI-based chatbots.

Initially, you will gain an understanding of what the framework of AI-based chatbots is and how they function.

Afterward, you will discover how AI-based chatbots can be utilized in present-day products by studying various AI-based chatbot examples.

Lastly, you will be aware of the different programs accessible to construct an AI-based chatbot.

After completion of this course, you will possess the skills and aptitude of AI-based chatbots and how you may employ them in your own projects.


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