Cashcall to boost financial inclusion with AI Competency Centre

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Cashcall, a leading data-driven fintech company in Egypt, has announced its plans to integrate Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its services and to establish an AI Competency Centre in Cairo. The company aims to leverage the power of AI to create more inclusive and secure financial solutions for its customers and to foster the development of local AI talent and innovation.

Generative AI is a branch of AI that can generate new data or content from existing data sources, such as images, text, or audio. Cashcall intends to use this technology to transform digital footprints into financial opportunities for under-served segments of the society, by offering them customized and tailored financial services that suit their needs.

Cashcall also plans to set up an AI Competency Center in Cairo, which will serve as a hub for training data scientists and developing AI-driven applications for the fintech sector. The center will also conduct cutting-edge research, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing in the field of AI, attracting top-tier professionals and nurturing local expertise.

Cashcall’s CEO said that the company’s vision is to revolutionize the fintech sector and drive a national movement towards enhanced financial inclusion through advanced technology. He added that the company’s initiatives align with Egypt’s broader economic goals and position the country as a leader in AI-powered innovation.

Cashcall was founded in 2015 and offers a range of fintech services, such as payment processing, transactions, and lending. The company has a robust data asset infrastructure and sophisticated analytics capabilities, which enable it to provide flexible and reliable financial solutions to its customers.




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