President Biden cautions that Artificial Intelligence has the capability of inflicting grave harm if it is not regulated

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During President Joe Biden’s meeting with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Thursday, the two leaders addressed the concerns surrounding the extensive advancements in Artificial Intelligence technology.

Sunak is looking to make the United Kingdom a frontrunner in this field, and position London as the site for an A.I. regulator. Biden and Sunak agreed to build a closer economic partnership between their two nations, and also to create measures of safety surrounding A.I. tools. At a press conference,

Biden remarked: Never before in our history has a revolutionary technology such as Artificial Intelligence presented itself. It is a daunting task.

President Biden and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak discussed potential risks associated with Artificial Intelligence during a White House press conference. Sunak pledged to organize a safety conference with politicians, scientists and tech executives to ensure “paradigm-shifting new technologies” are used for positive causes. The leaders also signed the ‘Atlantic Declaration’, committed to strengthening their cooperation in the fields of clean energy and A.I. As they prepared to leave the stage, Biden was confronted with accusations from Republican lawmakers of bribery and corruption.

President Joe Biden was asked a question about allegations of his family’s corruption during a Thursday press conference and simply replied, ‘Where’s the money?’.

His supporters suggest it is a politically motivated attack, and the F.B.I. ultimately decided not to investigate further. However, Republican Rep. James Comer of the House Oversight Committee has requested that any relevant documents be released and he along with Sen. Chuck Grassley claim there is an inappropriate scheme with a foreign politican and Biden which involves money. Nancy Mace, an Oversight Committee member, condemned Biden’s attitude with her tweet that insinuated he was selling out his country.

The White House is continuously protested against these accusations being asked in interviews, and the FBI is adamant that the information is not verified. Biden then addressed his efforts to protect the integrity of the Justice Department by reiterating he had never once suggested what to do or not do in term of bringing legal action. He concluded with expressing his honesty.

Rep. James Comey, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, has led the charge to compel the FBI to furnish a document containing supposedly damaging accusations directed at Joe Biden and his son Hunter concerning a cash-for-policy controversy. Earlier, Biden made an ungainly commencing when he welcomed Prime Minister Sunak to the White House.

The President misstated his title when he addressed his guest, saying ‘Well Mr. President,’ and then changing it to ‘Mr President? I just demoted you.’ The Prime Minister grinned while Biden continued, ‘Mr Prime Minister, it’s great to have you here.’ Rishi Sunak’s proposal to the White House includes talks about economic ties, the state of Ukraine, and artificial intelligence.

He gave present to the President in the form of a personalized navy blue waxed jacket and a book written by his British great-great grandfather. Sunak arrived in Washington with the ambition to get tighter relations between the US and UK after Brexit and wants to appear in a more lasting role than his predecessors at Number 10. American officials have put a stop to expectations of a free trade agreement with London.

However, they are keen on discussing further economic ties, the problems that artificial intelligence might cause, and international affairs in Ukraine. The Prime Minister presented the President with gifts including a $400 navy blue Bedale Barbour jacket, and a book, Naval Discipline, written by Christopher Biden in the mid-19th century.

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