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Upheal: The Smart Platform for Efficient Therapy Sessions

Welcome to Upheal, the smart platform designed to enhance therapy sessions and streamline your workflow. With Upheal, you can capture crucial details of the conversation effortlessly, access therapy notes for peer review or self-reminder, and benefit from unique analyses that uncover valuable insights.

Capture Session Details with Ease

Upheal’s intelligent platform captures your therapy sessions in the background, eliminating the worry of missing important details while you focus on observing body language and engaging with your clients. You can be fully present in the session, knowing that Upheal has your back.

Share and Review Therapy Notes

Effortlessly share therapy notes with colleagues for peer review or simply remind yourself of each client’s session history and insights before your next session. Upheal’s platform makes collaboration and self-reflection seamless, improving the quality of your therapeutic work.

Organize Sessions and Uncover Insights

Upheal organizes each session into topics, allowing you to identify repeating themes, coping strategies, and even diagnosis markers. With unique analyses such as speech cadence and therapist-to-client talking ratio, you can gain deeper insights into the dynamics and progress of your therapy sessions.

Strict Compliance with Data Security

At Upheal, we prioritize the security and privacy of your sensitive data. We follow the strictest HIPAA and GDPR guidelines to ensure the protection and confidentiality of client information. Our platform pseudonymizes personal data, replacing identifiable fields with artificial identifiers. We physically segregate the data and encrypt it with per-user keys, providing you with peace of mind.

Experience the power of Upheal, the smart platform that enhances therapy sessions:

  • Capture session details effortlessly in the background
  • Share therapy notes for peer review and self-reflection
  • Uncover valuable insights through unique session analyses
  • Enjoy strict compliance with HIPAA and GDPR guidelines

Embrace the future of therapy sessions with Upheal and elevate your practice to new heights.

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