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Generative BI: No-Code AI Reporting for E-commerce and Marketplace Sellers

Generative BI is an intuitive, no-code AI reporting platform designed specifically for e-commerce and marketplace sellers. With its ease of use, centralized data, pre-built templates, and free access, Generative BI empowers non-technical users to generate valuable analytics and make data-driven decisions.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Easy to Use: Generative BI allows non-technical users to build their own dashboards and analytics without needing to write a single line of code.
  • Centralized Data: The platform gathers all relevant metrics in one place, making it easier for users to make informed business decisions.
  • Pre-Built Templates: Generative BI comes with pre-built templates that users can customize according to their specific analytics needs.
  • Free Access: Users can get started with Generative BI at no cost and have the option to book a demo for further insights.

Use Cases

Generative BI is ideal for a variety of professionals and business scenarios:

  • E-commerce Sellers: Sellers can quickly analyze and understand their sales data, leading to more effective decision-making.
  • Marketplace Sellers: The platform offers an accessible way to gain insights from sales data across various marketplaces.
  • Business Owners: With Generative BI, owners can empower non-technical team members to make data-driven decisions, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

In conclusion, Generative BI offers an accessible and efficient solution for e-commerce and marketplace sellers to leverage data analytics without needing technical expertise.

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