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Unlock Music Catalog Value with’s AI-Powered Search and Tagging Engine

Revolutionize your music catalog management with, the cutting-edge AI-powered music search and tagging engine. Say goodbye to manual tagging and hello to rapid, accurate categorization of millions of songs.

Efficient Tagging and Categorization uses advanced artificial intelligence to listen to and categorize songs in minutes, making your music catalog management a breeze. Experience tagging that’s 60 times faster and 99.4% more cost-effective than manual methods.

Discover Key Features

  • Similarity Search: Find songs that share the same sound and feel as your reference track. analyzes acoustic features for perfect matches.
  • Keyword Search: Utilize a dictionary of 1,500 keywords for sync briefs and sound branding projects, simplifying music discovery.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Receive tailored song recommendations based on sound factors and personal preferences.
  • Data-Driven Interfaces: Compare songs easily with user-friendly graphical interfaces.
  • Keyword Cleaning: Enhance catalog searchability by detecting and erasing tagging mistakes.

Versatility for Every Use Case is highly customizable, fitting into endless use cases and scenarios across industries. Musicians, content creators, producers, and businesses can all benefit from its AI-powered capabilities.

Experience the Future of Music Catalog Management

Register for free to explore the power of’s AI engine. Unlock the true value of your music catalog, streamline your workflow, and redefine the way you manage and discover music content.

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