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CodeGeeX: Multilingual AI-Powered Code Generation and Translation

CodeGeeX is a powerful AI-driven code generation model that revolutionizes the programming landscape. With a colossal 13 billion parameters, it is pre-trained on an extensive corpus, encompassing more than 20 programming languages, making it versatile and highly capable.

Key Features and Advantages of CodeGeeX

  • Large-Scale Model: With 13 billion parameters, CodeGeeX can handle complex programming tasks and generate high-quality code.
  • Multilingual Support: Pre-trained on more than 20 programming languages, it can generate and translate code across 15+ languages, providing a versatile tool for global development teams.
  • Code Generation: Given a prompt, CodeGeeX can generate accurate and efficient code, helping programmers to rapidly prototype and develop applications.
  • Code Translation: CodeGeeX can translate code between supported languages, making it easier to maintain multilingual codebases and learn new programming languages.

Who Can Benefit from CodeGeeX?

CodeGeeX is the perfect tool for:

  • Software Developers: Looking to speed up prototyping and application development.
  • Programming Learners: Who can use the tool to understand how to write code in different languages.
  • Development Teams: Wanting to maintain or migrate multilingual codebases.

With its groundbreaking capabilities, CodeGeeX is the next big step in AI-powered programming tools, offering a level of efficiency and versatility that is set to transform the industry.

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