Skyrim mod uses AI, including ChatGPT, to upgrade NPCs with memory and endless dialogue options

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NPCs (non-playable characters) in video games are characters controlled by the game’s artificial intelligence rather than the player, serving as allies, enemies, or simply as background elements, but a modder going by the name Art From The Machine has shown off a mod they’re working on that uses ChatGPT and other AI tools to give NPCs in Skyrim a working memory and the potential to have infinite dialogue options to say to the player.

The Skyrim Mod Uses ChatGPT and Other AI Tools

As reported by PC Gamer, a modder known as Art From The Machine has created a mod that utilizes ChatGPT and xVASynth for text-to-speech, allowing NPCs in Skyrim to respond to players with AI-generated dialogue in their own voice. The mod also uses Whisper for speech-to-text, allowing players to use their voice via a microphone to ask questions.

In a video demonstration, Ulfberth War-Bear from Warmaiden’s in Whiterun is shown answering questions about the store’s hours and remaining time until closing based on the in-game clock.

We’ve included the video for your convenience; the dialogue appears to be a little awkward, but it gives us hope that thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence and game mechanics, as well as the growing synergy between the two, the day will soon come when you can ask an NPC any question in-game, and the NPC will respond, making the NPC feel like a real person.

Art From The Machine is also experimenting with a basic memory system in conjunction with ChatGPT to enable NPCs to remember previous conversations.

To accomplish this, the mod asks ChatGPT to summarize the discussion upon exiting, condensing it down for future prompts. The modder also mentioned more advanced tools, like Langchain, which could handle memory more effectively in the future.

The use of AI in gaming continues to advance, delivering increasingly immersive experiences. This development is reflective of AI’s widespread adoption and its impact on various industries.



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