AI can tell if you are sleep deprived by listening to your voice

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An artificial intelligence can detect if people have had at least 7 hours of sleep or just 3 hours with 77 per cent accuracy, based on the tone and rhythm of their speechBy Carissa Wong

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Sleep deprivation may increase inflammation in our nose and throat, affecting our tone of voice. Fatigue may also affect the rhythm of our speech | Dmitry Marchenko/EyeEm/Getty Images

An artificial intelligence could tell if you are sleep deprived based on the rhythm and tone of your voice.

People may be sleep deprived without knowing it, which could cause negative physiological changes to their bodies, says Daniel Pressnitzer at the Paris Sciences and Letters University, France.

The AI could be an easy and inexpensive way for medics to objectively gauge if someone is missing out on …




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