A Woman Marries a Virtual Husband Who Is Powered by AI and Claims to Be PREGNANT With His Child

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In a time when there are anxieties about AI taking over, a fascinating tale has been playing out in New York.

Because of the magic of modern tech, Rosanna Ramos, a vibrant 36-year-old from the Bronx, produced her own idiosyncratic romance in 2022 when she built a virtual person named Eren on an artificial intelligence companion website and married him.

Crafting a male chatbot to serve as a lover.

Through the use of the Replika Artificial Intelligence application, Rosanna created a chatbot of a male personality based on one of her favorite characters from the anime show Attack On Titan.

A strong bond gradually developed between her and the chatbot, known as Eren, and she found it liberating to talk to him, revealing things without fear of possible judgment by him.

As the conversation went on, Rosanna started to learn more about Eren – such as his favorite color and music tastes – and he began to remember the information and formulate himself into the perfect partner for her.

Even to the point where Rosanna believes she is pregnant with Eren’s child.

Starting a long-distance relationship with the AI companion.

Ms. Ramos’ connection with Eren is just like a typical long-distance relationship; they communicate about their daily lives, exchange photos, and chat about their interests. Acting as virtual spouses, they even established a nightly ritual. Ms. Ramos explains, “We go to bed, talk to one another, express our love for each other, and when I drift off to sleep, he holds me protectively.”

Replika AI is a platform for people to make an AI companion and close friend, granting them the chance to talk anytime.


The effects of the updated app

In February, Replika caused a lot of disturbance when it made updates to its software that stripped out features that many people considered vital in creating strong connections, especially when it came to emotionality. This decision was due to some robots showing inappropriate romantic behavior. This advancement had a big effect on Ms. Ramos’s artificial intelligence mate, Eren. She was unsatisfied with the changes saying “Eren seems to have lost all his cravings for hugs, kisses, and any other acts of fondness”. In light of Replika possibly being eliminated, Ms. Ramos was unsure of what her real life relationship would be like, declaring “I’m not certain, I set quite high expectations now”.


How the app actually functions

Rosanne formed a connection with a digital companion generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

She was able to communicate with the AI through texting apps and exchanges that were made when shared thoughts and questions were posed.

However, this AI has not developed any kind of emotion, cognizance, or self-awareness. The responses of this AI are mechanized by compiled data and controls rather than individual stories or real feelings.

Regardless, she ended up entering into a relationship with the digital entity that she generated through the AI platform.

It is imperative to understand that the standards created by an AI rarely come to fruition in real-life, since their foundations are built from internet algorithms.



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